Why we’re different

You’re probably wondering why you would even consider our gym? What makes our gym so special? I could go to another gym, pay less and probably get as much value from that gym as I could from yours. Valid questions, but let me explain.

First of all, the value of our gym is in our head trainer, Nicole Rutherford, and her Starting Strength certification. When I tell people about her certification I cannot stress enough how invaluable it is. You’re coming to a Starting Strength Gym with a trainer who has years of training and a certification that only about 150 people in the world have.  Every Starting Strength coach is crucially evaluated for their expertise and instruction in every strength movement. The knowledge she has about the main movements, programming, nutrition and her training experience make her one of the most elite trainers in the world makes Valens the most high quality training gyms in San Diego.

When you compare our Starting Strength Gym to other gyms like an average Joe’s gym (planet fitness, 24, etc), cross fit gym, boot camp or any other gym, we are incomparable. When you go to a cross fit gym, yeah, you’re going to get a sweat and throw around weights but the strength gains are very slow and when they program the workouts, they are not tailored for any one individual but are tailored for the masses. Any nutrition questions you have have to be asked and are not provided as part of the membership. Average Joe gyms don’t provide anything but acces to the equipment. You have to pay extra for personal training and even more for programming and a nutrition plan, if the trainer even does nutrition plans.

At Valens Strength & Conditioning our membership includes our head trainer providing personal training sessions (also personal training in the small group setting) to ensure you are doing all lifts properly to maximize your strength potential. We also provide a program so you know exactly what you are doing every day you come to the gym. Furthermore, we will provide a nutrition plan tailored to your specific body type. This doesn’t include the culture you wold have with the other members of the gym which is an awesome added bonus. The knowledge and experience our gym has easily supersedes any other gym you would find in San Diego. Unsure what the Starting Strength certification is? Click the tab below.

What is Starting Strength?