Starting Strength

What’s the big deal about Starting Strength? What makes a Starting Strength Coach different from any regular personal trainer?

We are an organization made up of highly educated individuals who have years of coaching experience. We teach loaded barbell movements to each trainee in order to get them stronger. No machines, box jumps, or HIIT (high intensity interval training). Loaded barbell movements include the squat, press, deadlift, bench press and power clean. It may not seem like a lot, but these 5 movements are the basis of our organization and these lifts have changed the lives of many individuals.

Becoming a starting strength coach isn’t something that can occur over a weekend. A great majority of Starting Strength Coaches have had formal education studying physics, biology or chemistry and all of us are well-adept to train any individual, whether a novice or an advanced lifter, loaded barbell movements to continuously increase strength. To obtain a Starting Strength certification, you need to have hundreds upon hundreds of hours coaching an array of trainees. You must also be a proficient lifter yourself. After you think you are ready and have coached the starting strength method to hundreds of individuals, you attend a weekend seminar where you will be evaluated as a coach and a lifter. You go into the weekend knowing the passing rate is ~15%. In front of a panel of highly trained starting strength coaches you must prove you are able to teach any level trainee all of the loaded barbell movements and in real time convey to the lifter how to correctly move and properly execute the lift. Over the 2 1/2 days of being watched and evaluated you will be notified if you passed part one, which only 2-5 people out of 20 will typically hear. Part two requires you to write an essay that covers everything from human physiology and anatomy, programming, moment arms, levers and thorough knowledge of the Starting Strength method. This essay will commonly be answered in a 20 page single spaced paper. Out of that group of 20, 3 will pass if it was a very knowledgable group.

With this being said, we are not personal trainers who come up with random workouts to make you hot and sweaty so you feel like you did something active that day. We prescribe you regimented training programs that will increase your strength and can be preformed by trainees at any stage of life. Our program is simple, involving only around the basic 5 lifts, which deters many individuals who are looking for constant change and variation. We may not provide you with exciting new workouts every day but we will give you all the tools to surpass any physical limitations you have condemned yourself to.

Why do we focus on Strength so much you may ask? Well in short, strength is without a doubt the most important physical attribute we can obtain as humans. I know that is a VERY big statement to make but hear me out. If you are a 20 something year old football, lacrosse, hockey (any sport) athlete, who is going to be the best on the field? Probably the one who can shoot or throw the fastest, hardest, longest distance. Think it’s speed and agility? Let’s just say don’t let the strong player get ahold of the quicker player and break any bones. So if you’re 30 or 40 and looking to start a family or already have one, wouldn’t you want to be strong enough to run around with your kids and be able to pick them up with ease? Not only will you have an easier time holding them walking around a park for a day, but when you are stronger you’ll also have increased stamina and that long day walking around the park will be a breeze. 50-60? Im sure you’re starting to get aches and pains and simple activities aren’t as easy as they used to be. I am sure you have grandkids and would love to be able to play with them as well. I can also guarantee that you would love to worry less about hurting your back when you have to lift something kinda heavy. You know what can take some of that worry away? Getting stronger. Over 60 and detrained wishing you would have cared more about your health prior? It is NEVER too late to start. I have seen people (my grandmother in fact) in their late 60’s be completely bedridden because they didn’t do anything about their health. I have also seen people into their 70’s deadlift over 200 lbs with ease who have a pretty awesome life, I must admit. And they haven’t lifted their entire life, only the past two years. Of course they are still sore and have aches some days but they are completely self-sufficient and can care for themselves. Strength is important at any age and will only increase your quality of life.

As a starting strength coach, we want to make you get strong. With strength comes increased balance, power, coordination, agility, endurance, bone density and confidence for many individuals. Let us get you strong so your life can be easier and you can finally conquer any task you didn’t think was possible.

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Starting Strength Web Page

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