Online FAQs

1. How do I sign up for online coaching?

Sign up through our online coaching page with the coaching package you would like to purchase. Please use the best email to contact you when signing up.

2. Once I sign up, what’s next?

  1. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours to send you a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is filled out and emailed back to us, we will send you a link for TrueCoach and a ‘Getting Started’ form via email.
  2. Payments will be processed through Pike13 and processed monthly on the same date every month. If you need to make any profile or payment changes, Pike13 allows you to update any payment or profile details. You will also be directed to fill out a waiver prior to starting any training on Pike13.
  3. Once your coach sees you have signed up through TrueCoach, we will schedule a time and day for your consultation/initial personal training session with your new coach through Zoom.
  4. After your consultation/training session, TrueCoach will be where you will upload videos, communicate with your coach and receive programming and feedback for the week.
  5. Let the gains begin!

3. What equipment do i need for Online Coaching?

All trainees will ideally have access to a squat rack or squat stand, a 45lb barbell (possibly a 15lb barbell for novice lifters), iron or rubber plates and a flat bench. We highly recommend weightlifting shoes, a 3 or 4 inch 10mm leather belt and lifting chalk. If no equipment is available, we can program strictly bodyweight workouts.

4. What is included in Valens Online coaching?

We provide check-ins each workout & nutrition advisement depending on your coaching option. You will receive custom programming, feedback on your workouts and be able to access your coach through TrueCoach for any questions throughout the week.

5. Can I send videos of all my lifts?

For our Deluxe and Premium Coaching Package, you will upload videos of your work-sets for each lift, every workout day (3-4 sessions a week).

6. what if i have questions during the week about my training?

TrueCoach allows for real-time messaging from trainee to coach. You can download the app or use their website to send us messages. We will answer back as soon as possible.

7. how much is the coaching?

Visit for all pricing options.

8. Can I switch my membership at anytime?

Yes! You can switch your membership after your prior months membership has finished.

9. I have never touched a barbell in my life. Can I sign up for online coaching through Valens?

Absolutely! We love working with novice strength trainees.

10. I have had many injuries during my life. Do you think I can still train?

Without a doubt. There are few limitations that would keep someone from strength training. We have worked with members who have had hip replacements, shoulder surgeries, osteoarthritis and much more.

11. I am an intermediate lifter, can you help me get stronger?

Yes! We have helped many intermediate lifters continue to increase their strength.

12. Do you train females?

We certainly do. Almost half of our members at our gym are females. We understand how training females is a little different than training males, programming wise. We have been able to help a 58 year old female who has never touched a bar increase her squat to 155 lbs, deadlift 225 lbs, bench 110 lbs and press 85 lbs.

13. I am 70+ years old. Can I still sign up?

Yes! We have worked with members between the ages of 7 all the way up to 82 years old.

14. Who will my coach be?

You will be coached by one of the owners of Valens Strength Online Coaching, either coach Nicole Rutherford or coach Jason Varnum.

15. How do I cancel?

If you need to cancel for any reason, please send an email to or send us a message through our contact page. Memberships cannot be cancelled within the first 3 months of training.

Ready to sign up?

Click the link below to sign our waiver and pay for your first month of online coaching. Make sure to use the best email for us to contact you and send you our questionnaire.