Remote Coaching

Valens Strength and Conditioning is now providing online coaching, programming and nutrition for individuals looking to build strength and change their body composition. We wanted to provide another solution for those who live too far from our gym but still would like to receive coaching by Starting Strength Coach Nicole Rutherford. With our service, we will provide check-ins each workout (3-4 times a week) that include a video analysis of each lift and feedback to improve your lifts. Programs will be tailored to each individual so whether you are new and starting a novice linear progression or well into an intermediate stage of programming, we can help you with all your training needs.

All workouts for clients will be posted to a training platform called FitBot which will keep track of your workouts and progress. It is extremely user friendly and is an easy way for clients to log their workouts and keep their training program organized. We will provide you with all the information you need to get strong and change your body. We just need you to do all the heavy lifting and work hard.

Our online coaching options are listed below:

Daily Video Analysis


Includes daily video analysis and feedback within 24 hours of video submission. We provide detailed feedback on form, in regards to the video of your work-set, and guide clients on what weights to work with the following workout.

Daily Video Analysis & Monthly Check In


Includes daily video analysis and feedback within 24 hours of video submission as well as a monthly personal training appointment for members who can make the drive to Valens Strength and Conditioning once a month. This option includes everything the daily video analysis includes along with an hour and a half personal training session with their coach once a month.

Nutrition Plan

We can also provide a nutrition plan to maximize you strength potential and work towards your ideal body composition. Just because The Rock eats 4,500 calories a day doesn’t mean we do. We will provide you with detailed macronutrient goals, customized for each individual to meet their goals and will do weekly check-ins with clients to check progress and make adjustments when necessary. We can provide a weekly analysis of your nutrition for only $25 a month. Contact us now to get started!

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