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Coach Jason Varnum

Meet Jason Varnum, coach and co-owner of Valens Strength & Conditioning. He has been teaching the Starting Strength method since early 2017, with years of barbell training prior. He has coached over 5,000 hours since opening Valens S&C and has helped lifters from ages 7 to 82 years old improve their strength. After just two years of following the Starting Strength Model he increased his squat and deadlift to over 400 lbs, bench over 300 lbs and his press to almost 250 lbs.

Jason has coached lifters with no weight training background, that have never touched a barbell up to 350 lb squats, over 400 lb deadlifts, 250 lb bench presses and over 150 lb presses. He has been training an 82 year man the past year who had two hip replacements and previously could not do a step-up with the leg he had the hip replacement. After 5 months, he tested the step-up again and was able to do it with no issues.

He has also worked with many female lifters and shown them they are able to become strong AND lean. He has helped a female with no barbell experience improve her squat to 245 lbs, deadlift to 285 lbs, bench over 135 lbs and press nearly 95 lbs. He has also been able to help a female lifter lose about ~4% body fat while being able to improve her squat to 150 lbs, deadlift over 200 lbs, bench 100 lbs and press 70 lbs all at age 58. Jason has had experience with a variety of clients, all with different backgrounds, abilities and strength.