Nicole is co-owner of Valens Strength & Conditioning and a certified SSC. Nicole was born and raised in Maryland where she received her Bachelors in Business Administration and Exercise Science at McDaniel College. After receiving her degree she moved to San Diego in December 2016. She became a Starting Strength Coach in May 2015 while going to college full time and interning at Westminster Strength and Conditioning in Westminster, Maryland for 2 years.

Nicole has worked with clients as young as 10 years old as well as clients into their late 80’s. Her clients goals range from individuals looking to increase performance in their sport to those who want to be able to complete everyday task with ease.



Jason is one of the head coaches and is the co-owner of Valens Strength & Conditioning. He served 4 years in the Air-force under security forces and attended UCF to receive his Finance degree. He has been coaching the Starting Strength Model full time since June 2017 and attended a Starting Strength Seminar in June 2018.

He has been lifting for 15 years now, has dabbled in Crossfit and discovered that strength training is the best way to increase his performance on the golf course. He has completed the Novice Linear Progression outlined by Starting Strength, the Texas Method and is currently training to compete in powerlifting during 2019.

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