You’re probably wondering why you would consider our gym? What makes our gym so special? Why does this gym cost so much? We know you could go to any other gym in San Diego and pay way less than we charge. But no other gym will deliver the same service or give you the same value as Valens does.

Here at Valens, you will have a coach that knows you, your goals and what you are capable of. From Day 1, we will teach you how to train rather than exercise and make a plan that WILL help you achieve your goals. Your coach at Valens will do all they can to help keep you motivated, on track and constantly striving to better yourself. We already know that you are capable of more than you can imagine and it is our goal to show you just how strong you really are.


As as Strength and Conditioning gym, we aren’t going to have you doing silly exercises claiming to ‘target’ specific areas to reduce fat, running around the building to burn extra calories or taking an hour to foam roll and stretch. At our facility, we focus on 4 main movements; The Squat, Deadlift, Press and Bench Press. These four movements are the foundation of our training and are movements that your training can center around for the rest of your life. They are the most useful exercises you can complete in the gym and are ones you will become extremely proficient at after training at our facility. If you want to train with purpose and get real results week after week, let us help you.


The main difference between us and other gyms is that you will have a coach who truly cares to see you succeed and will strive to help get you there. We expect to see you in the gym 2-3 x a week, and if we don’t you’ll be getting a message from your coach asking where you are. When training, you will constantly have eyes on you to guarantee your form looks great. We are NOT a hands-off gym and let you off on your own to figure out training yourself. Your coach will help you every step of the way with your training, programming and nutrition; whether you’ve been with us for a week or a year.

What is Starting Strength?