Am I a good fit for Valens Strength & Conditioning?

Are you wondering if you are a good fit for Valens Strength & Conditioning? Well, let me ask you this first, do you want to get stronger then you have ever been? Also, while getting strong, become healthier and lose inches off your waist? Our primary purpose is not weight loss but seems to happen when our members follow the nutrition plan and programs our trainer provides them.

We are not going to make you do 100 air squats, dumb bell bicep curls or even yoga. You can do that stuff somewhere else. If you want to come in and do all the movements that science and facts prove to make you strong as hell, then yes, we are the place for you. We are going to make you come in and do the 5 basic movements to help you break your genetic barriers. These movements are the squat, deadlift, bench press, press and power clean. Dumbbell curls and air squats are not going to make you strong, but heavy loaded barbells with the correct technique and weight will.

Getting stronger means you will gain muscle; in return, muscle is heavier than fat. Depending on your body type you will lose weight/fat. However, for some members you will not see a significant weight loss with us. If anything you will see a waist loss. What I mean by that is the way we program is not necessarily to lose weight/fat, but to increase muscle in exchange for fat. For example, Nicole (head trainer) has trained a 220 pound man for six months with a 315 pound squat for reps. By the end of 6 months he did not lose any weight, but lost 4 inches on his waist and improved his squat to over 400 pounds for reps. Again, this does not mean you will not lose weight, but our primary goal is not weight loss but strength gain.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick way to get lean, then no, we are not the gym for you. If you are looking for a gym to break your genetic barriers, get strong as hell and you bring that drive to the gym every day – then yes, we are the gym for you and we want to help you. We promise to give you our knowledge and assistance if you promise to come in and give us 100% of what you have, 100% of the time! If you think you are ready for our gym then contact us now.

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