5 Things to know about the new owners

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1) Both of the owners are from the east coast. Jason was born and raised in Florida and moved out to California about 2 years ago. Nicole was born and raised in Maryland and moved out to California about 6 months ago.

2) Jason’s hobbies include surfing, golfing, any outdoor activity under the California sun and working out. Nicole’s hobbies include beating Jason at foot golf, any outdoor activity, working out and helping individuals achieve their desired health goals. She would also like to open a health & wellness company one day in the future.

3) Nicole double majored in college receiving a degree in Business Management and Exercise Science. While she was in school trying to obtain those degrees, she also received her Starting Strength certification. Jason majored in Finance. As a crossfit enthusiast most of his life, he has recently started strength training and is just beginning his linear progression. Stay tuned for results šŸ˜„

4) Nicole’s PRs: Bench 167, Press 127.5, Squat 300, Deadlift 305

Jason’s PRs: Bench 315, Press 176, Squat 385, Deadlift 385, Power clean 253

5) Growing up Nicole ran for the cross-country and track team in high school. She also grew up playing soccer her whole life. It wasn’t until college that Nicole started strength training and it only took two years after that for her to receive her Starting Strength certification. Jason has played many sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, football and golf. Although he enjoyed playing baseball as a kid, he found a new love in golf and was able to get onto his high school golf team.

Now that you know a little bit about us, we would like to get to know you and what training and health goals you might have. PleaseĀ ContactĀ us to get started!


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