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Embrace Strength. Change your life.

Valens: Latin. Strong, Powerful, Healthy, Effective.

Ever wonder how collegiate and pro athletes get so strong? Ever wonder how the long drive golfers hit so far? Ever wonder a good way of getting healthier, leaner and stronger? If you said crossfit, bodybuilding or P90X then this is not the gym for you. You don’t need constantly varied, functional movements, done at a relatively high intensity to lose weight or get in shape and become strong. You don’t need hundreds of dumb bells and mirrors to look at to make you feel like the next Arnold. You definitely don’t need videos created by “trainers” with little knowledge of physiology, programming and have probably never trained a single soul in their life. All you need is a squat rack, bench, some iron, a barbell and the best  San Diego gym and trainer money can buy. We’ll make you sweat, we’ll make you work, we might even make you cry (tears of joy, of course!) and I guarantee you we will make you stronger, leaner and healthier every day you leave!

It doesn’t matter if you are a mom of 4, a high school football player, or an eighty year old who has trouble caring for themselves – Anyone and everyone can benefit from getting stronger. It doesn’t matter what your background is in regards to fitness. We welcome the Zumba lovers, the men and women who fight for our country, surfers, athletes, whoever. All we will ask is that you work hard and simply try your best. It is never too late to start.

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